Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chris Tucker describes Life with Michael Jackson in Neverland Story Singing Dancing and Joking Around

Give it up for my boy, Michael Jackson. I miss him man. I miss him. King man -- he's a true life king. Did you all see him in a video? Did you all see him in of those videos? Rock my World? I couldn't believe that I was in that video. I kept on messing up the video, looking at Michael. I was like, "Gawd damn. I'm doing a video." Michael was getting mad, "Chris, what the hell are you doing? Chris look straight. What the hell are you doing. You're messing up my video, chris." I'm like, "I'm sorry. I can't believe I'm on the video with you man!"

"Chris believe it. Chris believe it. You're messing up my video, chris."

"Michael, I'm sorry man. I can't believe it."

Micheal was so cool man. Michael change my name, and I didn't say nothing. He started calling me christmas. First I didn't know what he was talking to. He was like, "Hey christmas."

"Michael, who you talking to?"

"I'm talking to you. Your name sounds like Christmas. It's beautiful Chris. It reminds me of christmas -- Christmas trees, presents, fire places. It's beautiful chris. You should keep it chris."

He convinced me. It does sound kind of good. Christmas Tucker. Ok. Christmas Tucker. Sounds pretty good. I will keep it for a little while.

I went to Neverland. Michael had it cold. Michael had it cold. Neverland was really like Neverland. You go there. Michael had this golden gate. You go throught this gate. The music comes on. It was like, "La la la." Gawd damn. This is really Neverland. I don't ever want to leave. He be fly too. He ride a little train to the house. There is some shit right there. Michael got a train in his house. We get to the house man. Michael would be sitting like michael collooney. He would be sitting in the living room. People gets their bag. Michael be like, "How are you? How are you doing?" He be sitting and talking and all of a sudden something magical would happen -- like two giraffe walk by the window. I be like, "What the hell is happening. Michael, was that 2 giraffes just walk by the window?"

"That was 3 -- three giraffes."

"Michael, that was fly as hell..."

"I know. I know. That's why I bought them."

"Man, how many animals are free like that?"

"A couple of elephants, one lion that we can't find..."

"what?! What?"

"It won't bite you Chris."

"It won't bite you Michael. That lion only like meat. You better find that damn lion."

Michael was cool man. Man, we would hang out with Mike. Michael like rap. He like that 50 cent song -- in the club. He liked the beats so he be jammin to the beat. We be riding in the car. Michael be jamming in the car. He be like, "Bump bump. Bump bump. Ta. ta. ta. Bump. bump." Michael be getting down. All of a sudden you know... It's cool until he started singing the words. That's when he sounded crazy. He be like, "You see me in the club with a bottle..."

"Michael, Michael, no... No... Don't sing the words."

"Chris, I love that song, chris. I love that beat. I love it. That is some cold blooded beat. I love that... Of course I would not go to a club with a bottle full of bud, chris. I would not do that. I love that song."

"It doesn't sound right."

"I know, but I love it."

He love Rick Ross too. Sometimes he be going around the place in the summer and be like, "RRRR."

"What the hell was that?" I was like, "Michael, was that you?"

"No... No..."

"Did you here that?"

"I didn't hear nothing. I thought you did it."

One time I caught him. He was like, "RRRRR."

I said, "Michael, I saw you. I knew it. It was you."

"Chris, I'm sorry. I love Rick Ross. I love him. I love that music. It's so cool. He's so crazy. Rrrr. I love that. He so free. I want to do that on my album -- RRRR. He's so crazy -- so silly. Rrrr. So crazy guy."

One time I did something cool with Michael. I went over to Barry Gibb's house from the Bee Gees. I was like, "Damn this is fly." We were watching the Oscars at Barry Gibbs house -- the Bee Gees. And we all sitting there, and hanging out in stuff. I was like, "Gawd damn, Barry Gibbs and Michael Jackson." All of sudden both of them started singing how deep is your love. I said, "Gawd dang. This Michael Jackson and Barry Gibbs are singing right in front of me. Man, noboby is going to believe me with this shit." It was just me and the dog. The dog was even surprised, "Dwwag ruff ruff."

"Do you see this shit?"

"ruff Ruff I see this shit."

So they start singing. Michael started singing first. I never heard him sing live before. He was like, "How deep is your love... How deep is your love. I really need to know cause we're living in the world of fools, breaking us down and we all should let us be. And the world should..." Then Barry came in, "I feel you... feeling the love that you believe in me." And I caught up, and came in, "talk to you on a summer breeze, and your love. I felt like I know it." Michael was like, "Chris, no. Chris, no. Chris... Chris... No... Chris... What are you doing? Chris... Barry, I'm sorry barry. Chris..."

"I'm sorry Michael. I got caught up."

"No Chris... No... Stick with the jokes Chris... No... What are you doing?"

"Sorry, I got caught up. It sounds so good man."

"No Chris... No... You said you would not sing nothing. Chris..."

"Barry, I'm sorry."

"Chris, what's wrong with you? No..."

"Sorry barry. Sorry Barry."

"Chris... what are you doing?"

"You guys sounded so good. I thought I..."

"No chris... No chris... Go to the car chris. Go to the car."

"I won't say nothing else."

Michael is the man -- Man. Michael performing live. Michael was incredible man. Michael would go out there, and start...

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  1. he said "that lion don't know me..."

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  3. You should include those when he said beat it and wanna startin something. xD

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