Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ben Bailey Rants About Google Predicting Our Future

Do you know what else has pissing me off lately -- Google. Do you guys know google? A couple of people might have heard of it. Rest of you guys are like, "Google?! What's google?!"

Google it, and find out. That's the only way to learn anything anymore -- Google it. Well, that was fine at first because things were simple. It was like Google was my friend. I would be like, "Hey, Google. What do you know about this?" Google would be like, "Well then, here is what I got for you." Things were simple then. Google was my friend.

But somewhere along the lines. Things change. And google turned into that annoying friend who would never let you finish the story because it keeps on interrupting you -- trying to guess the ending before you can get to it. Right, now I sit down. I type the letter p. And google is like, "Pacific ocean?! Is it pacific ocean?! Is it?! Is it pacifier?! Is it pack rat?! Is it peanuts?! Is it piss-bag?! What is it?! I need to know! Right now! Tell me what it is! I can't wait anymore!"

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