Friday, July 24, 2015

Funny Jo Koy Drives Lexus into Highway 5 During Mexican Latino Protest

Ha ha ha. Yay for me. This is great. I love this crap. We are having fun -- Latinos. You are a scary looking one too dude. I'm not going to freak with you alright. We are here to do laugh-ti-do. That crap made first -- the Latinos, the Mexicans. You guys walked out of the border crap. And million of you freakers walked out. That crap brought tears to my eyes. That crap is something to be proud of because the traffic was empty -- that day. Son of a beach -- I was going 85 on the 5 freeway, 5 in the afternoon -- freakin protest again. Gawd damn it. Here's the thing. If I got into accident, the guy I hit; I knew he had insurance. Just joking freaker. You got to tell him because there freakers pretend to laugh, "Ha ha ha. Real funny Freaker. I have no insurance. I get it. I get it freaker. I get it." At the end of the show, " Mr. Funny freaker."

They make fun of us all the time when it comes to driving. Asians? Where are all the freakin Asians? Right? They freak with us all the time. Can't drive? We can freakin drive. I drove here. I didn't hit a bunch of freakin people on the way here, "Oh Shuu. Oh Shuu." Crap we build the best cars. You don't think we can freakin drive them? You think the engineer at Lexus is bragging about what he built, "Oh yeah. Power Steering Wheel. Zero to 60 in 4.9 seconds."

"Won't you take it for a spin."

"Oh, no, no. Are you crazy?!"

So I'm just joking dude, alright. We are just freaking around. We are all having fun. Plus, I can't fight. So don't start crap with me. I can't fight. I'm a beach, dude. I'm such a beach dood. I can't fight man. Dude, check it out. If you don't know how to fight, don't take self defense classes, or buy a gun -- Just Scream. Scream at the top of your lungs -- who is going to fight a guy, screaming like a beach. You know what I mean. Right before he is about to punch you go, "No. Nooooo. Noooooooooo." Then pee. I always pee.

Dude, I'm such a beach. When I walk to my car, I put my key into my fist. "Give me your car."


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