Wednesday, July 29, 2015

KT Tatara describes ESPN Headliner About Jeremy Lin -- Chink in the Armor

I really don't like to make a lot of Asian jokes. Man, we get made fun of all the time, right? We're the only minority that get made fun of when we are still in the room. No one hesitates. People go right into it. Asian guy smells like fish man. And I was at this store. This guy walks in... No offense man. Anyways, the Asian guy... Like what the hell?! No one does it with black people. Someone makes a black joke, "Shhhh... Hey man, there's a black guy right there. He is gonna beat our ass, and start a march and some crap. Shut the hell up." Asian jokes -- no one cares. I go to comedy shows every night. I'm standing in the back waiting. The comedian would go on. The comedian makes an Asian joke. What does the whole crowd do? They start laughing right at my face, "Ha ha ha. He's talking about you, and you do have a small wee wee. ha ha ha."

I don't like that, "ohhhhh."

You guys here that story about Jeremy Lin -- the chink in the Armour fiasco on a few months ago? right? you guys remember that? For you guys that don't know, Jeremy Lin plays basketball for the New York Knicks, and he's Asian american dude. Did you just boo -- The Knicks or him being an Asian american? "Boo I am racist. I don't care about basketball." Alright, that's cool. So he is a basketball player. Anyways, so there was a headline. They put a picture of him after the knicks lost the game. And they wrote the headline, "Chink in the Armour." A lot of Asians were pissed off because that's racist. Now, if you watch basketball a lot, they used that phrase pretty commonly. So it's a gray area whether they are intentionally try to be racist or not. Because first of all, let's be honest. Espn is owned by Disney. It's very PC organization. I don't think anybody over there is that racist. They are like, "I'm not gonna get fired for over this crap. Watch this... ha ha ha." Like you gotta know you are gonna get fired if you do that, right? But I understand, it made a lot of people mad. That's cool. Take it down, ok.

But lot of my Asian friends, are like, "Nah man. You are not able allow to say that phrase in public because it might make asian feel uncomfortable because it's racist." But I'm like, "Yeah, the phrase isn't inherently racist." They be like, "You can't say it at all." I'm like, "Ok, so that's what you want to do? Just like. Ok. fine." Don't say Chink in the Armour in front of Asian people. Don't say spill the bean in front of Mexican people. Don't say that's a cheap shot in front of Jewish people. Don't say raise the roof in front of homeless people. Don't say look at the horse's mouth in front of Jessica Sarah Parker. Don't say It's not over until the fat lady sings in front of Adele. Don't do these things.

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