Friday, December 20, 2013

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Irish answered the correct Bird

Do you guys remember, the game show, Who wants to be a Millionaire? No? Well, it's a game show, where they ask a series of questions until you win a million dollars. You get 3 life lines to achieve that goal.

Anyhow, the contestant was 1 question away from a million dollars. The question was, "Which bird does not build it's own nest?" 

A. Hummingbird
B. Blue Jay

C. Kuckoo
Or D. Dodo Bird

The contestant said, "I am clueless. I'm feeling not confident and a tad bit overwhelmed. I'm going to use my last life line, and use my phone a friend. I will call up my buddy in Ireland."

The host, "Okay then. Let's call him up."

He explained the question to his friend in Ireland, and his friend said, "Dat's Fookin Easy. It's C, C kuckoo. I'm Fookin Sure it's C."

The contestant said, "Ok, buddy. I trust you. C is my answer."

The host, "Ok then. Let's lock in C, Kuckoo." Long pregnant pause, "You know what? You got yourself a million dollars." The crowd went crazy. Balloons and confetti everywhere, flying across the whole stage. To celebrate, the contestant flew all the way to Ireland to thank his friend. "Thank you buddy, but how in the world did you know C, Kuckoo, was the only bird that did not build it's own nest."

His buddy replied back, "Because it Foookin Lives in a Clock."