Friday, September 24, 2010

Jamie Foxx Talks About Relationships on the Piano

Relationships. Do  you love them, or you hate them? I hate them. 

Don't you hate it fellas when you get involve with somebody, and then you trip.   You fall in love, but you don't anticipate doing.  Don't you ever get jealous.   Don't jealous make you do some silly stuff. The person ain't even with you, but you see somebody that you think she might like, "Look at this Mofo looking all good."

Where you get tired of each other.  It's the same old thing.  You say it's white, and I say it's black.  And all you want to say is, "F-U."

Hallelujah!  Sound like he broke two ribs.  God is good.  God is great.  Reach in your pocket, and give me all you money please. 

Jamie starts singing at the end of the youtube video.  

That's how we became the brady bunch. Brady Bunch, and my love... long falsetto.  Then break it down like Babyface. Or break it down like Luther Vandros.  Some ad lib.  Plus, what if it was Prince. High shrieking sound.  


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Whitney Cummings obsessed with Twilight Romance
Whitney Cummings - Obsessed With "Twilight"
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I think all that stuff: marriage and babies. Women, we are obsessed with romance. We are brainwashed by romantic movies. I recently saw these movies called Twilight. They are so romantic. Vampires in madly in love with this girl. I came out of the movie. I was like, "I have to marry a vampire!" It make us obsessed. Do not let your girlfriend watch this movie. She will leave your ass.

Boyfriend - "Baby what's wrong."
Girlfriend - "I don't know honey. I want to date somebody who can fly."

I just want to date a vampire. It would be totally bad ass.
Don't make me go to the GNC and get some garlic. I'm thinking about putting the sunroof down.