Thursday, July 23, 2015

John Pinette Understands Vegetarians, but NOT Vegans eating Almonds

So now I shop at these health food stores when I'm on the road. And there's some healthy things that I like. Some people over there have boundaries issues. They walk up to me, and one lady said to me, "Do you like your beef cruelty free?"

"Oh yah. I would have it no other way. Take that cow to Disney world. Put them on the rides. Give them mickey ears -- couple of pictures. Then whack them all they way into the airport. Didn't you like taking your pictures with mickey. Put it right into your huff. Alright don't turn around."

Vegetarians -- I completely understand. You have health issues with it. You have ethical issues. I completely understand. Some... A vegetarian said to me, "But I'm a vegan."

"Oh what is that. What is that?!"

"Well, we don't eat meat or dairy."

"What do you do?!"

"I'll tell you what to do. They lose their minds."

Vegans go to the store, and they buy 50 pounds bag of almonds. And they make them into stuff that they wish they could eat. They don't have a stove. They have a play dough fun factory.

"what's you making there?"

"It's a pork roast."

"No, it's not! It's almonds mushed together. Have a cheese burger!"

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