Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Louis CK tries Vape Vaporizor and Text Texting at the same time -- Say No to Weed Drugs

Having children is a big responsibility, and I have never done very well at it. I made a lot of mistakes -- Some of them big, some of them small. You know. Like... I am still a person. I am an idiot. You know. I'm still like... I got high one night -- really high because I don't do drugs. I never do drugs -- never. So when I do, they are way more fun. To me that is my best advice. If you really want to enjoy drugs, never do them -- never. Because when you do, they are actually fun. Cause when drugs are part of your life, it's just another pain in the ass in your life. It's just, "Ahh, all my drugs suck." I don't want to have that problem. I always want to be that person where it's a new thing. Somebody is like, "Hey do you want to try this." I'm like, "Oh, ah, I don't know if I should. This is crazy. I don't even know how to do it. I mean what is this."

Anyways I got... My friends got this vape. I'm little worried about the young people with the vaping. Then they just do this. And then they just vape. And then they just stand at the corner, puffing. Looking at the freakin thing. And I miss the... I miss you. I miss you people because you used to stand around like this. And I get to go, "Ewww, freak that one. That one was ok." But now, I'm just seeing the top of people's head now. But I didn't realized... my friend... My younger friend vapes. She told me, "It's just to calm. I can barely feel it. It helps go to sleep." So one night I was hanging out, "I am going to go home, and go to sleep. Maybe I'll try it." So I took one tiny hit. I was insane. I was completely insane. I was in my house. I couldn't even walk pass the window. I had to go under the window because I was afraid to look inside of my own brain.

So I start texting people. Just texting. Texting, "I'm so high. I'm so freaking high. I'm so high." And i text another friend, "I'm so high. I wan to suck my pot jeez on my won crock, and get higher." That's what I wrote. I'm not bragging. I'm just telling. That's what I wrote. And I sent it, "whoosh." And then later. I looked at my text. I was like, "I think I might of sent that to my 12 year old daughter. I think it's possible." I didn't, but I could too easily could of. We need... Now my kids are in my phone. There needs to be a reliable firewall that says these numbers are much harder to text. You can't just, "whoops." Traumatized her irreversibly. You go to write to these numbers I have to solve the hell raiser puzzle. And there's two guys with the key at the opposite room that turns at the same moment. And there's a warning, "Wahoo. Are you sure?! You want to send this picture of your pubic hair to your ex wife's mother. That's how you want to break the silence of six years since the divorce. "This is my pubic hair. How have you been?"

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