Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Brian Regan Brilliant Tattoo Art Idea and Approaching Girls like In the Movies

What I think would be very interesting is getting a game of hangman tattooed on your chest. Only that tattoo artist knows the answer. So hum every time you want to continue the game you would have to go back to the tattoo parlor. "Uhm.. is there a G?"


Then he tattoos another body part.

"Darn it." And you walk out, "I thought it was Batman and Gar-ban."

Here is another tattoo idea. I think it would be interesting to get a tattoo of a dozen Easter eggs, but tell the tattoo artist to hide them. Then if you know if somebody finds all of the Easter eggs, you know they really like you.

I'm back in the dating world. I went to a break up. After the break up, people ask, "What happened? Was it a big thing?"

Then I was like, "I don't know. It depends on how you look at it."

We cannot agree on the definition of "this exit" and "next exit." I was driving. She goes, "get off of the next exit." So I pulled off. "Why did you get off here? I told you get off at the next exit."

"I thought I can get off here, so I can buy a dictionary."

So I am asking women out. I don't know how to do that smoothly. I watched the movies. It goes down so smoothly at the movies. "would you like to go out on a Saturday?"

"I would love that."

"I'll pick you up at 8."

Wait a second. Even if they are interested, aren't there more planning. "Would you like to have dinner on Saturday?"

"I would like that, but I can't Saturday because my sister is flying into town. My sister and I are going out on Saturday night. I can do a Friday."

"I pick you up at 8."

"8 o clock is not going to work. My company is having a office party night. We probably should go to that. It goes up to 9 o clock. We can have a late dinner like a 10 o clock dinner on Friday."

"Uhm. I will pick you up at 9:30."

"Don't you need to know where I live?"

"I do need that information."

"I live in Jefferson township. If you take route 27, you are not able to get there. You will not able to take it all the way to township cause they are doing road construction the last two miles. So if you get 2 miles out of my town, you have to shoot over. Then pick up a street called Elms Meadow Lane. Then take that to the final two miles. It meanders around. Then you end up parallel with my township. So you will be coming from the west. You will see Alhambra apartments. You can't park in front of my building. They are doing water treatment out front. It was suppose to be completed like 3 months ago. But there's tennis courts across the street. It says no parking on the fence. Park there. The cross the street. My buzzer is very glitch. Don't even bother. Just call from the cell. I hear yah. I meet you out front. I should tell yah. I'm gluten free."

"I need a scratch piece of paper."

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