Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Anjelah Johnson - Sneaking into a Night Club
Anjelah Johnson - Sister's ID
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I was fourteen years old, trying to sneak into the club. I used my sister's ID. The only problem was she was there too.

We would look real cute too. We would have on like these tight, black pants and really cute top. We got from the store that would be Forever 21, but back in the days it was Close Time... Judy's, or Miller's Outpost.

And we would smell good too because we would douse ourselves in exclamation... or sunflowers (real quick).

We had a system too. My sister would go first. Show the bouncer her ID. Then, pass it back (to the end of the line where i would be waiting).

We had a routine with our friends too. We'd be like okay, "So when I get to the front, start talking to me right away, so he won't get a good look at my face. For reals. Don't mess it up this time."

"Y'all what's up. Here is my ID."

"What?! I know, huh. Like I was all crazy. Try to tell us something. How stupid..."

"Is he still looking at me?"

"How stupid..."

"Woot! Woot!"