Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Thundercats Craziest New Episode Watch in Home Movie by Lavell Crawford

Your mama got your back. Your mama wiped your ass; wiped your nose; wiped your whole damn face -- all with the same rag. I learned my lesson, "Ah. I got enough of that rag."

My mama is old school. When I was growing up, there was no need for amber alert. Hell nah. I was not getting abducted. Back then, hell no. When my mama put that Vaseline on my face so I can look shiny at the bus stop, she gave me some real good advice, "When your ass get off that bus at 4:30, I want you in that house. I mean in that house. Don't let anybody in that house until I get off work, 9 o clock tonight. You got it?"

"I got it."

When I get out, I go straight to the house, and lock it like fort knox. Go get me some chocolate milk. And watch my favorite cartoon, thundercats. Thunder-cats. Thunder cats. Oh hell yeah. Thunder, thunder, thundercats. Hoooooooooooo. Durr Durr Dur. Go lionel, go. I be like drinking my chocolate milk, "This is craziest episode that I have ever seen in my life." That door bell ring. I'm like, "Who can that be? Who is it?"

"Baby it's grandma. Let your grandma in the house."

"Sorry Grandma. My mama said to let nobody in the house. She meant nobody until 9 o clock tonight."

"Oh baby. Grandma came all the way from Tennessee. You know you can let your grandma in."

"I love you too Grandma, but mama say nobody is allowed in the house. Now if you excuse me. I have to watch Thundercats."


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