Thursday, January 7, 2016

American Gun Violence Control Safety Protection Rights Issue by Jim Jefferies

I'm all for 2nd amendment rights. I think you all should have guns. It's in your constitution. What I am not for is bullshit arguments and lies. There is one argument and one argument alone to have a gun. And this is the argument. F off I like guns. It's not the best argument, but it's all you got. And there is nothing wrong with it. There's nothing wrong with I like something; don't take away from me. But don't give me this other bullshit. The main one is, "I need it for protection. I need to protect me. I need to protect my family." Really? Is it why they call it assault rifle? Is it? Never heard of these protection rifles you speak of... Protection? What the F are you talking about. You have a gun in your house. You are 80 percent more likely to use that gun on yourself than to shoot someone else. People think, "That will never happen to me." You don't know that because you know why, "From time to time... We all get sad... One day you happy... then you sad..." Protection? I had a break in Manchester England. I was tired and had a hair cut. I came through the window with knife and hammer. Americans always go, "Imagine if you had a gun." I'm like, "Alright. I was naked at the time. I was not wearing my holster. And I was not staring at the window, waiting for constant knife to go through." What world do you live in where you constantly get ready. You have guns because you like guns. That's why you go to guns conventions. You read gun magazines. You don't give a crap about homeland security. Nobody goes to homeland security conventions. None of you read padlock monthly. None of you have a Facebook picture of you behind a secure a door, "bang bang yeah." Like you are going to be ready when somebody comes to your house, and have it ready. By the way, most who break into your house just want your tv. You think people are coming to murder your family? How many enemies do you have? Geez you think a lot about yourself if you think everyone is coming to murder you. See if you have it ready available. It becomes unsafe. You have it at your bed side table. One of your kids pick it up. Thinks it's a toy. Shoots one of your kids. It happens everyday. That would never happen in my house because I'm responsible adult. I keep my guns lock in a safe. Then where is the protection? They will be like, "Wait there. You came to the wrong house here. Is it 32 to left or 32 to the right? You mother's birthday? How would I know that?

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