Monday, January 4, 2016

The only Asian in Alabama by Jo Koy

I'm in New York Baby. This is it. It's a long journey. I'm in New York dude. You know how long it took me to get here. I have been on the road for a year and half. I have been on the road. And you go to there places that you don't want to go to. Like I couldn't wait to come to New York. But there are other places that I have to go to. And you go. And you like, "This place is a state? Like Alabama. Oh no Alabama." I had to do a show in Alabama. Son of a bit. I was the only Asian in Alabama. I was the only Asian in Alabama. They didn't even wait for the show to start to see me. They were outside my hotel room just looking, "Come to the window. Come on man. We want to see you."

I waited outside of my window for like 15 minutes, standing on the side of the curtain like this. Take a peek.

"We see yah. He thinks he's a ninja."

Alabama scares the crap out of me. This guy picked me up in a pick up truck, and threw my luggage in the back. There's a dog standing. "He'll watch you luggage."

I get in the truck like, "Ok."

"Is this your first time in Alabama?"


"Do you want to go to the hotel first?"

"That's the only option." Like I flew all the way to Alabama to hang out with this guy?! This guy scared the crap out of me. I'm in a pick up truck. I'm scare out of my life. The dog is sitting with my luggage. This guys could of have easily go, "We are going to drive into the woods. And F you real quick."

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