Thursday, January 14, 2016

O'Hare Airport Busy Check In and tough on Baggage Weight by Sebastian Maniscalco

It's time for me to check in, right. Now the check in process at the O'Hare airport, they don't even want to look at you -- head down, right. No smile, nothing. I feel like I'm working. I feel like... I'm working... "Hi, How you doing?" Right? The only time they get happy is when the bag go over the weight allowance. They love telling you, "You are going to owe extra, on this bag."

And you know it's heavy. When you are packing it at home, "I tell you what... We are not going to make it."

"It's ok."

So heavy, right. You put it up there. You know it's heavy, so you kind of, trying to release it. You do that soft release like that's going to... take weight off the bag. And her mood changes, "Ooooo, I'm sorry. Your bag is 2 pounds over. You gonna have to take 2 pounds out of your bag."

Now like an idiot I gotta open up my bag in front of 187 other people. I don't know what 2 pounds is... I'm taking out a boot, sock, toothpaste. "Is this 2 pounds? Does anybody knows what two pounds is?? They are going to charge me extra, $8000. Do you think the boot is half a pound? I mean. Where do you want me to put this?"

She, the flight attendant at O'Hare, said, "Put that in your carry on."

I said, "It's still going on the plane. What does it matter? If it's on top or underneath... The guy behind me is 500 pounds. That does not matter? My sock is going to take the plane into the pacific, but you are prepared for this type of weight? It's a scam."

Every part of that airport bothers me. The TSA O'Hare, the security check point. This is what's guarding our country? Have you seen what's in the blue shirts at O'Hare? Do you feel safe with this type of security? I have been all over the world -- Egypt, Lebanon, Peru... I have been all over. Security at their airport are unbelievable, all military. Neat, hats, machine guns.

Have you seen our first line of defense at O'Hare? You see the first guy they sent out? "Take down your laptop. Your liquids, your creams, your gels..."

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