Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hampton Inn & Suites Hotel Late check In by Gabriel Iglesias

By the way you guys, I want to let you know now, here in this theater and all over the world, watching this special. If you ever see me in public, either at a Hampton Inn & Suites restaurant or at a hotel, or anywhere, and you want to stop me to say hello, take a picture or anything, please. I welcome it. And it's an honor if you were going to do that. I do not mind at all. Stop me anytime you want. I'm the same person, the same guy. Seriously the same guy you see now. It's the same guy you see outside. I don't change. You can walk up and go, "Gabriel, can I talk to you?"

I'm not going be like, "Be gone from me. Gabriel is my stage name. I'm not even Mexican. I'm Scandinavian." No, trust me. I'm the same pandero. I don't mind. I love it you guys. Trust me. You guys make it possible for me to have an incredible life, taking care of my family. I'm all for it. Not a problem. Trust me. Right now, it's so crazy. I'm still adjusting to people walking up to me. I'm checking in the Hampton Inn & Suites hotel. And they already knew me. I'm like, "I'm checking in Hampton Inn & Suites."

"Here your keys sir. We know it's you sir."


I think that is awesome. I needed that like 6 years ago. One time I was trying to check in a Hampton Inn & Suites hotel in Chicago at 1 o clock in the morning because I miss my flight. Nobody is at the front desk. Just a little bell, and a sign that said, "ring for service." So there I am. Ching. All of a sudden, I heard this, "I hear the bell." All of sudden this lady came out, "Are you the one ringing that damn bell? What the hell you want?"

"I'm checking in Hampton Inn & Suites."

"Do you know what time it is? It's tomorrow."

"I know. I miss my flight."

"Mmmm. Whatever you say."

"What's going out there?"

"Girl, you gotta see this. I got this big ass mexican showing up late as hell."

"Ok, what's your name?"

"My name is Gabriel Inglesias."


"Yes Inglesias."

"Ok. Inglesias. E-G-L"

"No. No. No. It's with an I."

"Girl, you gotta see this. Nacho Libre is trippin. You would have gotten a queen size yesterday, but it's today."

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