Friday, January 8, 2016

In the Jungle the Lion Hunts, and The Cheetah Dust Through the Gazelle by Richard Pryor

In the jungle, when you see a rabbit, you get nervous. Cause the rabbit will be looking at you like, "..."

"Roll the window up Dear."

"It's just a rabbit."

"F U. Ain't no rabbit look at me like that."

And you see a lion in the jungle. That's what they look like. They be in the bush like... "Yeah, get your butt out the car. And bring that camera with you. Cause we are going to eat all that stuff."

I saw three lions, chase down a buffalo. That is the baddest mofo on four legs, except these bitches chasing them. And the lions they are working around like in teams, in signals. You know they can't talk...

And the buffaloes saw one of them right. And he tip away from the rest of the herd. And two others jump on him. And the other buffalo was like, "That fool did not warn us... let's leave."

You know how the buzzards circles in the movies? These mofo drove in a truck. Talking about, "What are these?"

Cheetahs. You don't see nothing but dust. I saw two cheetahs. Look like they were talking about jumping on some gazelle. "Do you want to go after that herd?"

"Nah, man. They too close. Let's just give them another hundred yards. How the wife and family man? It's going to be tourist season soon. That's far enough. You ready?"

The gazelle can hear, "Run."

And the mofo that can't hear is in trouble, "what?"


"What?! Huh?"




"What you say?"

"It's your butt!"

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