Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sebastian Maniscalco eats at Chipotle and talks bout Selfie and Writing Reviews Online On the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Listen. It’s so good to be here. I just ran into Lee. That guy is stunning. Alright, it’s so good to be here on the tonight show, Jimmy Fallon, New York City. Alright. I love New York.

There is lots of Italian out here. I come from an Italian Family – Immigrant Father. And when you come from an immigrant parent, they put you to work real early. Ok. I have been working since I was 8 years old. Watching TV, my father walked into the living room. He is like, “Hey, go start a business.”


They told me when growing up who had what I wanted in the neighborhood. They didn't buy us anything. We like, “Dad, can we get a dog?”

“If you want a dog, 3 houses down. If you want to pet something with fur, you walk 3 houses. You pet the dog, and come back here. Then you cut my grass.”


And I look around today. Society does not match how I grew up. Nobody is working in this country. Nobody. They are all walking around, “ha, ha, ha, he, he, he.” The whole country is taking photos of themselves. I have not seen anything like it. Sitting and taking a photo in the bathroom? I even look at the photo. Have you guys look the background? Do you ever see some of these bathrooms? Playing with chicken wings. What are you doing? Eating chicken in the bathroom?!

And everyone is on the internet writing reviews? Writing reviews? You got nothing to do but writing reviews on a restaurant? Me and my wife – we go to dinner. I tell her right there, “Salmon sucks. Let’s get the hell out of here. That’s the review. We don’t go home a tattletale on the restaurant. Who gots time to write an 18 page essay on the asparagus they had last night?

I go out to eat a lot. I just went out to chipotle – love chipotle. But the food is so sensational, the employees can’t stop eating it. Everytime I walk in, the 15 employees eating. The only guy that is behind the counter is cutting chicken. He’s just looking. That guy is not train on burrito. He is chicken cubing 8 hours a day. And the people are so involved when they order the burrito. They have to put the spit guard up. But the people don’t even get it. They are still, “Can I get corn?” Just say, “CORN.” They can hear you. It’s not sound proof. And nobody talks to the chipotle people.

They hear the same stuff 10 hours a day, “CHICKEN, CHEESE, RICE, PEPPERS, GONE.” I have not ever seen anything like it. “STEAK, SOUR CREAM, LETTUCE.” And the employees, “ah ah ah ah ah ah.”

Gawd forbid you ask for guacamole. They don’t even know how to tell you that it’s extra money. I ask for guac. They put some guac, and like, ”ahhhh. It’s a dollar 20 extra. Is that okay?” “Yeah, throw it on. What’s. What happen to you last time you put guacamole, and you didn’t say anything?”

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