Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kevin Hart Wishes He can be a Rapper with a Deep Voice and Sick Hand Motions

I wish I can be a rapper or some shit. I really do. You know why I can't be a rapper? It's because my voice ain't deep enough. To be a rapper, you need a deep voice. It's the only way people will listen to you on a regular basis. I don't think anybody would buy my album because my voice is too small. "Yeah bitch I'm killer. I shoot you in the face. Ping ping. Everybody's going to die. Ping ping. Everybody. Everybody's going to die tonight." Did he just say, "Ping Ping." I ain't going to buy that shit if somebody's going, "Ping ping."

Certain shit keeps you being tough. You know what's keep me from being tough. This is really holding me back. Look at this shit here. Look at this. Look at this shit. This is really fracking me up man. There's nothing tough about this. It doesn't matter what you say. Not anybody going to take you seriously if you swing your feet. It don't matter. I will kill everybody in this bitch tonight. I'm not fracking playing with you all. What you all think this is? A game? I'm sick of it. I'm sick how people treat me around here. Would you talk to guy who is swinging his feet? If you are at the club, and I tried to talk to you, "Come here baby. Let me have you a few seconds. You girl. You know damn well who I am talking to. Wait a second. Let me climb down there, and get my feet together. Wait a minute now."

Rappers make me laugh. I square rappers are funny, man. You ever see rappers freestyle? When they are like battling each other, the more angrier the rappers get, the higher the hands get. Have you ever notice that? They all start off so calm. Like this rapper is free-styling. This dude would listen to the other guy.

"You ready?"

"Nah, I'm got him. I got him. Real talk. I kill nicks. I sale nicks. I nicks. I nicks, nicks want to give back."

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