Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sinbad compares Vegetarians and Meat Eaters in the Animal Kingdom Planet Food Chain

Anybody here a vegetarian, against killing animals? Maybe 1 or 2. There are lots in California, "The poor animals. The poor animals. We need to eat vegetables." God made us run fast or else we get killed. It's in the bible, the second krorytheum, "Thou shall run as fast as you can. When caught, we shall be eaten."

Anybody here vegetarian? You vegetarian? Why are you a vegetarian? You don't know why do you? It's only cool, "I don't eat meat anymore. I'm so hungry right now." You are hungry right now? Aren't you? Your blood sugar so low, " ." Look at all these meat eaters, "Ha ha ha ha ha." You, "How long is he going to talk? I thought this was a half hour show. How long is the show? I need a carrot."

So why you become a vegetarian? Oh you just became a vegetarian. Yeah, because it ain't natural. It's not natural. Look ok. Let me help you out. Look at the jungle. Who is the one running after? Lions, tigers eat meat. Look at the vegetarian. Try to get to a hole, "Go, go, go, go. We lost Jimmy." Start watching Animal Planet. You will start eating sandwhiches.

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