Monday, January 19, 2015

Matthew Perry Loves Serena Williams Prank at the ESPY with Pants Down

Good evening, and welcome to the ESPY awards. I'm Matthew Perry, and I am so pumped to be here. When I say pumped, I mean I'm rolling out of my skull. Tonights the night when sports meet entertainment, and says, "Hey, How are you? How you doing? Let's give out some awards. And entertainment says, "Yeah, alright."

It's been a wonderful year in sports, especially for me. My Red Sox won the World Series. My Patriots won the Super Bowl again. And 10 minutes ago I had World Class Sex with Serena Williams back stage. I'm just kidding. It was 20 minutes ago.

Ladies and Gentlemen we are fortunately in the presence of greatness here tonight. 7 times grand slam Champion, clearly a very good sport, is Serena Williams. The new record holder for touchdowns in a single season, Peyton Manning. And the first woman to every hold a lead in the Indinapolis 500, Danica Patrick. I think Lance Armstrong deserves an around applause.

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