Friday, January 16, 2015

KT Tara Believes In Equality on the First Date

I believe in equality for men and women. I really stand for that man. I went on a date with this girl recently, and she wanted me to pay. I have strict no paying policy on the first date ok. Oh I'm sorry ladies. I thought you guys were I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T. You know what that means. It means you can pay for some crap ok. That's a rap song. Just in case I spelled it out. Ask a black person.

Look. We don't know each other. Why don't we split it, and see what happens, right? If I am your boyfriend, I buy you stuff. I'm not against paying ever. I'm saying on the first date. How about no pressure, right?

This girl got so mad, "Oh omg. You are such a cheap guy. I think a guy should pay. I'm just old fashion."

And I felt bad. I was like, "Oh no. I'm sorry. I'm old fashion too. So how about you shut your mouth. Ah ah ah ah oh oh."

If you so old fashion, why don't you put on an apron? I'll pay for your meal when you make it. How about that? I will start voting. I will take a crap in a wood. How far do you want to go back? Do you remember the time stuff, huh? Oh, you are selectively traditional. Oh I see. Okay.

I have been single for 10 years, successfully. Thank you very much. I say successfully cause it's hard to be single for that long right. Girls try to use it against you like, "That's why you don't have a girlfriend?"

It's easy to have a girlfriend. What do I have to do? Get yelled at and be wrong at all the time. I can do that. Come on. It's easy to have a girlfriend, right?

Here's the thing. I just don't like... In a relationship, there's always a power struggle, right. In the beginning of a relationship, who's in control? Man or Woman? What do you guys think? The woman. Dude don't say anything, "ah uh duh ah hu, the woman." You know what? I think the dude is in control at the begining. Girls is in charge of the bed. You guys regulate the flaps. Yeah, you control that. But dudes are control of the relationship. You know why? Because girls, generally, are pretty much indecisive in the begining, right? It's like, "What movie you want to see?"

"I don't know. You pick."

"Do you want to go in or stay out tonight?"

"I don't know. You decide."

"What do you do later?"

"I don't know. You pick and decide."

What the hell. The problem is 6 months later. They start using that stuff against you. One night she'll be like, "You are so controlling. We always want to do what you want to do. I never get to say anything."

What does the guy do? "Okay, I'm sorry. We do whatever you want alright."

That's when girls take control -- in the middle of the relationship.

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