Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Senior Citizens Always Cutting in Line with a Valid Excuse

Senior Citizens have their own rules.

Oh yeah, old people do what they want and how they want it. It's like anytime I go into a bank. We all have to wait in line at the bank. Old people just go for it. They, they. I see old people stand at the door and size up people, waiting in line. They like, "I can make it." They just decide to.. Have you ever seen a guy walk in a bank? And once they see people looking at them, they start getting older with osteoporosis on their back. They cut in line for... And most people will give them that look like, "Oh, he is getting old. He is gonna die soon. Just let him go." You know.

Black woman ain't letting nobody cut in line. Since... She would read your... She can be the 15th person in the back of the line. She be like, "Yeah girl, I only got 10 minutes left in... Oh no, he didn't. Hold up. Where is he? Where is he?" Have you ever seen this? They always have like Krispy Creame, "Uhm. Excuse me! Excuse me Boo. Ok. Alright." They get mad at everybody else that ain't saying nothing. "So you all gonna let that happen, right? Nobody saying anything? You gonna let that... Let him slide up."

There's always one nosey dude in the line like, "Come on geez. Let him go. He's old."

She be like, "Ok. Let me explain something. This is an A B conversation. You got to C you out of my face. Don't get me started with the animal on top of your head. You trying to pass for hair. Anyway, get that man in the back of the line."

Then the old dude always got something sleek. He would turned around and be like, "She told me to come back to this window when I am finishing out my form."

Then she feels like a fool. She don't know what to say, "ah uhm. what kind of shoes are those?"

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