Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Godfrey Makes Fun of the National Anthems in Play off Sports and Olympics

Now listen. Our anthems are cool. Like the national anthem is cool, not in American sports though -- like play off games. I'm going to keep it real. I don't want to hear that shit -- even the players don't. "Ah say can..." Hurry up. You know what I mean. And stop getting some R and B singers. Keep black people away from the national anthem. "Oh say... Can you see... by.... the... oh say..." Is this the remix?! Damn!

Jay-Z busting, "Yo, it's the national anthem. Oh shit. It's over." Oh no. How did he get in this?

I just want some old war veteran that forgot all the words to sing it, "Arrrr say... Damn it. Go on. Start the damn game. Pull my underwear out of my ass arrr." That's what I want.

But during the Olympics it's serious. Our national anthem sounds so great. When they raise our flag, you know usually people watching at home, "like raise that bitch. We got that gold bitch, what. It's our sports. I don't know what it was. It's our shit." It just sounds so good. "deh deh like yeah." Right?

Then I get mad when other countries win a medal cause you got to hear their shitty anthem. "And now time for the Russian National anthem. Eee Neee EEee Neee Nhaaa Neeet RRReeeet. Thank you Russia. That's enough. We don't know when that shit is going to end."

"And now time for the Chinese. Chinese Nationa anthem - Hummm thayyy Chay Seee. Oh thank you. Just end it."

"And now time for the Jamaica anthem. Raaar. Jama. Jama. That was the shit. We will do that one more time."

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