Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jamie Foxx votes Shaq for President Cause He is Cool Calm and Collected in the Championship Interview about Kobe

So you got to pay attention. Whoever you want to be the president, let's pay attention. If we got to ride the boat, let's make sure we do the right thing. You know what I'm saying. Now you'll be careful when you start picking your president. Am I right? Make sure pick somebody that you know is going to be cool in situation. That's why with me, or maybe I bug out sometimes. But if I had my choice, I'll pick somebody like Shaq. Cause he's cool. He never get excited about nothing. He's cool all the time. Did you see the interview that Shaq did right after they won the championship? The dude that was interviewing him was more excited than he was, "So Shaq, How do you feel?!"

"I feel good. I just want to thank my mama and my father. Thank god everyday. Making sure I'm gifted and everything. You know. It's a new thang. You know what I'm saying. I'm trying to do the best I can do. Can you dig it? Can you dig it? uh uh uh."

"So you and Kobe never get in a fight?"

"We were just playing with you all. You all thought we were serious or something. Me and Kobe were just kidding. You know what I'm saying. We gotta gotta wana wanna."

Don't tell him cause that mo will whoop my ash.

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