Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dr Ken Jeong Married a Vietnamese Girl and Explains why Vietnamese is like Koreans on Weed Rainbow

This is the happiness time of my life. I just got married 6 months ago. Give it up. Give it up. No joke. Check it out. Check it out. Check it out. Sorry fellas. Ah. Sorry guys. She's Vietnamese Doctor last name Ho. I'm not joking with you. Doctor Ho. I'm a comic. This is pure joy, "Get in the car, Ho." You know what I'm saying. "Make me some rice, Ho." You know. "You complete me, Ho." You know.

She's Vietnamese and I'm Korean. Where are the Koreans in the crowd. Koreans, we are like the angriest mofo on the planet. Are we not? Are we not, Koreans? "Annyeonghaseyo!" That's mean hello in Korean. Do you know what I'm saying. Give it up you. Give it up.

Vietnamese, where are the Vietnamese?  Right. Right. Kind of gay. Right? Kind of gay. You know what I'm talking about. Very fagot, "Tại sao bạn rất đẹp ? Cảm ơn." What the heck. "Tại sao bạn rất đẹp ? Cảm ơn." And when they speak English, they're like gay, retarded, def mutes. You know. "Would you like to eat some Vietnamese pho?" You know. What the heck. "Vietnamese pho? Tại sao bạn rất đẹp ?"

Vietnamese is like Koreans on weed. Think about it.

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