Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Cosby Show Story About A Shiny Ford GM Car Broken Down For Sale

We are talking about a car now. I knew something was wrong when we down there and the man saw she brought her father. So the man said, "I don't think I can find the keys to the car." So I said, "I don't think I can find the money." So the man found the keys.

So we get into the car now. First of all, to be honest, this is a beautiful, beautiful looking car. I mean, if Denise is sitting in this car, her friends are going to say, "Look out Denise or Chilly down or Cool back or whatever those people say."

I put the key in the ignition, turn the thing, and it went, "koo boo boo boo bump bump bump pump pump pump." The two of us are sitting in there. And the car is not running yet. It's just thinking about it. The car is just in the right side now, just the right side, and it said, "how how how plow plow plunk plunk." And she is sitting there like this like she's dancing, see. "hubba hubba hubba." The car has not started up yet. The car has not started up yet. "how dee how dee how dee." So I press down on the gas, and you're going to think I'm lying. The car said, "What?" The car said that.

So I put the thing in reverse. I let go of the emergency brake. Then push down on the gas, and the car said, "Oh, you want to go backwards?" So now we back out. And the thing goes, "hiccup." Now it's vibrating. I mean this motor is doing, "bee bee bee bleep bleep." Now I'm looking in the rear view mirror, and whatever I run over is. There's twelve of them. And she's sitting there blaming on me, "Daddy?!"

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