Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Elon Gold makes Languages sound Funny with Russian French and Japanese Accent

Accents to me are so strange. But languages are even weirder. Like the Russian accent, it's kind of weird. The Russian language -- Oh my gawd. Have you ever hear anyone speak Russian? It's like, "Knee-vah-shnush-vee-nee-reed-eeem-nighee-sheeeed-sneeet-veeet-boo-boo-snheed." It's like, "Are you talking backwards? Russian language literally sounds like English, played in reverse -- with somebody pressing pause and unpause every 3 seconds. Like, "veed-chdreem-zeet-nreed-moosh-need-waaz-shneed."

Japanese -- They say Japanese is you know... It's a nice language. Is it? I don't know. Every time I walk into a sushi restaurant, they start yelling at me, "Arigatou gozaimashita!!" That's not a nice language. That's the noise my blender makes when i put something in it that I shouldn't of, "arigatou gozaimashita!!" Oh I left my spoon in there. That's the problem. I knew there was something weird.

And they say french is a beautiful, romantic language. No, it isn't. Whenever I hear two french people talk, it's sound like they are just mocking each other. Like, "Nha frank, frank. Wee. Wee. Poo. Poo. Blee. Blee. Blah."

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