Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Why Dawn of the Planet Apes should have more Asians and Gay people in the Movie by Bobby Lee

It's getting better for Asians on TV and movies, but it's still not good enough man. We are still not in movies where we are suppose to be in. We are suppose to be in the movie, Dawn of the planet of the Apes. I will tell you why. That movie is set in San Francisco. Have anybody been in San Francisco? There's a lot of freaking Asian people. Not one in the movie? There's a lot of gay people in San Francisco. Not one gay person in that movie. What kind of San Francisco is this? Put one gay guy in it... you know. "Get away monkey. No monkey. No." In the restaurant, an old man says, "Come here monkey. Come her mofo. I will tell you. Don't be afraid monkey. Come in here." The monkey walks in, "You got freak up. This is going to be good."

Hollywood does a lot. They made a movie called 21. It's a bunch of MIT students, going to Vegas. In real life, the MIT students were mostly Asians. When they made the movie, they cast mostly white people. Like we are not going to notice it. That made me so angry. That's why I'm going remake white films and put Asians in it. I am going to remake brave heart. I'm going to put asians with really bad accent. Nobody is going to able to say William Wallace.

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