Tuesday, May 10, 2016

How Italian Weddings Culture is like by Sebastian Maniscalco

Plan a wedding: Italians do it a lot different than most people when it comes to wedding. Italians don't register at bed bath and beyond. We don't bring a toaster to a wedding. Italians bring cash, OK. We put it in an envelope. Sometimes there's not even a card. Just Cash. With a post-it note - Congrats.

Now the bride and groom know they are getting cash. They are sitting there with a satin bag that says cash in diamonds. And people walk in, and you know, they make their deposit.

Some people don't give the cash. They hold on to it. They wait until dinner is served. They go to dinner. They are eating the chicken. Chicken is kind of dry. They take a hundred out of the envelope, "The food stinks. Take a hundred out."

Then at the end of the wedding, the bride and groom go up to the room. Before they do anything, they start opening these envelopes. Now, the groom takes out the black log book. What they going to do is they log the amount and the name that everybody that came to the wedding, right. So she will be like, "How much did Tina leave?"

"Ten dollars."

"Cheap bastards, 10 dollars."

The reason for this folks is because when Tina gets married... You go back to the book, and you look up Tina.

"You put 10 singles in that envelope."

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