Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bill Burr on Justin Bieber Epic Basketball Shot and Glaring Look

The Justin Bieber thing upset you at all? Or do you feel... I mean this is a guy who is getting alot of attention.

I have no problem with any of his behavior. Like if I was his age, and you know, I had, you know, like... What does he have? I really do not know what he has. Ferarri? A lamborgini

Something like that...

Yeah... Every chick out there wants to bang yah... Like how are you suppose to... how are you suppose to behave? Limos? He has a limo driver at 19, and he is not going to a prom. It's like he is going to an arena, where everyone is screaming his name. His behavior is completely normal. The only thing that I didn't like was that... that shot he was playing hoop.

It went viral I think. He was playing basketball, and he took a shot. It went in.

Yeah, he was playing with his black friend that he paying to lose. Dude, if that dude wins, he is onto the entourage. You know his phone is blowing up, and was like, "You don't understand how this works. I have to lose, or else I gotta get a job." I just didn't like... He hit a layup, a 12 footer. And then he turns around, and he's like glaring at the camera. Like I said he couldn't do it or something.

He does. He looks into the camera like, "I showed all of you."

I never saw Jordan do that.

There he is...

Like he just did something... Doesn't even look like the net was regulation. Like one of those. And he just sittin there... Nah, I'm just watching it, and having empathy for him. Like, "yeah, like that what I would be doing." I'm surprised he is not doing blow. That's what I would have done, right. And then I get that look, and I was just like, "you know what. Just F this guy." He is gonna look back, "I shouldn't have done that." He's 19 years old. I'm rootin for him.

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