Saturday, May 31, 2014

Baron Vaughn sings Disney Theme Songs Duck Tales, Dark wing Duck, Rescue Rangers, Gummy Bears

Around of applause if you have useless information in your head. Yes! Exactly! Speaking of music cause I have... I can't...can't get useless information out of there. You know. My brain just stacks up information like an episode of hoarders, and I can't... There's just things I can't just do anything... like it took me forever to figure out to be in a relationship... cause every time I want to put that somewhere, there's always someone like, "Sorry, Duck Tale theme songs are in here." That's them stacking the lyrics, fragmenting the lyrics.

And you know what that is not use for knowing that information. You cannot use that information in some sort of relationship in a fight that you might get into. Someone is like, "You know. I don't think you know how to communicate, relax, or just express yourself to anything to any human being. Any response to what I'm saying to you. "Life is like a hurricane. It is Duck Berg." What the hell are you talking about? "Race car blazing, airplane. It's a Duck Blur." And then she walks out and slams the door, which is great, and then I can freaking jam out man."Life, it's all a mystery or we rewrite history. Duck Tales. oooo oooo." I believe that was Pavlov was talking about. Yes. Wooo oooo. I was checking to see that is how you were feeling tonight.

By the way, I'm sorry if you just listen to that and you have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm sorry. I apologize if you do not know. I apologize to you as a human being if you do not know the early 90's Disney cartoon theme songs. Because it means you have missed out on THE definition of someone going for it. Because whoever sing those songs. Pulled no punches. There was a level of commitment that went straight into your soul. It's the closest... sadly, i think, the closest of my generation to Sam Cook or Marvin Gaye at their prime, at their prime... Donnie Hathaway commitment. Where you like, "Oh shit, is there danger right behind me?!" All of those. All those lyrics, such passion...

Cha cha chip and Dale, Rescue Ranger! Chip and Dale! When there's danger! Oh weeee oh Tale Spin. Oh wee aye. Tale spin. Dark wing Duck! Uh! Let's get dangerous! Goof troupe. We will always live together. Gummy Bears!

Then there's a key change that Aretha Franklin goes, "oh shit, I will live up to it."

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