Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Part of Dave Chappelle Sympathizes Kramer like Siegfried and Roy Tiger Mishap Bite to Throat

They have a real life paparazzi. I see you. What do you think it is, a game? I'm watching out for the media. I'm like big foot. When people see me, they freak out. Even other celebrities get surprised, "Dave oh shoot."

Every time I see this back drop, I think about Kramer messing up. That's why I don't want to see no camera phones on my butt tonight. I'm telling you right now. I'm not wrap too tight. They put a lot of that corporate pressure on me. So this night might be the night. Tonight might be the night that I snap. You guys be lucky.

It's like having tickets to see Siegfried and Roy that night that tiger bit his throat. You will be like, "I was there when Chappelle freak out. I was there." That's why we go to see the tiger show, right. You don't go see somebody be safe with tigers. You be thinking in the back of your mind, "This person might get bit. I would like to see that in person for $35. Never seen somebody get bit by tiger before. It's only 35 dollars." That's freakin hilarious.

I will tell you the truth. When I've seen Kramer's tape, I learned about myself. You know what I learned? I think I'm only 20 percent black, and 80 percent comedian. You know what I mean. You know when you see that it makes you furious, right? The black dude in me was like, "Kramer, you jack ass..." I was hurt. And the comedian in me was just like, " Whew. Kramer is having a bad set. Hang in there Kramer. Don't let him break you Kramer." I wish I was there so bad.

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