Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bill Murray Ghost Buster Rants on Technology and R2D2 should Get Gas for Human Race

Who think of all these high tech stuff anyways? You know. First they start with a digital watches, which tells you the time and numbers, to the exact seconds. 2:30 and 32 seconds. Who needs to know that? I don't. How come they don't have hands on the watches like they used to. People have hands. I think watches should have hands. Somebody is thinking this stuff up. I don't think it's good.

Another thing they got is robots. Robots are making all these automobiles -- and working at factory and stuff. Don't get me wrong. R2-D2 is a great little guy. He was funny. He was cute. He was a funny and fine actor, but that's science fiction. That's for the movie. I don't like to be driving in a car that is put together by a robot. I wouldn't feel... I don't think it's smart. I don't think it's funny. Who is thinking up these stuff? Who is thinking up of all these high tech stuff.

I saw an ad the other day for a car with a talking dashboard. If something goes wrong, the dashboard talks to you what's wrong. That would drive me nuts. You driving around, running out of gas. And the dash goes, "Oh bill, you are out of gas." I would put my foot right through that dash board. That dashboard would shut up. It's dumb. Who the hell is thinking up this stuff.

You know what they should do... They should get a robot so we can drive around with in the car. Then you run out of gas. Then you pull this little sucker out of the car, and you send him to go get gas. Now that's smart. And I think of these stuff on top of my head. But you know something, they will never do it because it makes too much sense.

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