Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dance Dance Revolution Arcade Game with Iglesias Techno Music

I said, "Frankie, whatever you want to do, let's do it."

"Ok, can we go to arcade?"

"Arcade? Dude, you have a nintendo wii at your house."

Then I had a flashback to 20 years ago. "Que, Que, nintendo en la casa. You have a nintendo at home."

I'm like omg I'm turning into my mom. "Come dude. Let's go."

I take him to this big arcade right. I felt so out of it because I didn't know you couldn't put money in the machines anymore. I remember quarters. I'm like, "Here, here's $5 bucks." He's looking at me. "What? Go play." He came right back, "All done."

I didn't know this. You had to go to another machine. Put in money, and then they give you a card. Then you use that card to swipe to play video games. The game he wants to play does not cost a quarter. It cost $3 dollars a game. It's a big old machine called "dance dance revolution." Some of you know this game, yeah. For people who don't know the game, it's pretty simple. It's a dancing game with a big screen. Then arrows come out to music. And whatever arrows come out, that's the arrow you have to step on when it comes out. Kind of cool, but all the music is techno. And it's loud. I know I am going older cause I'm like, "They need to turn that down."

Dance Dance Revolution, Revolution! Get ready! And the kid is like, "I'm ready." Select music. Pop Techno and that's what they dance to. Ready go. Perfect. And the kids like, "Whow." I'm like, "Whew. I love this game, but they need to have something fluffy friendly, so fluffy people and parents can enjoy." We are watching this game for over an hour.

I told Frankie, "Let's play another game and wait till the line goes down."

"The line never goes down."

Great, I'm watching kid after kid after kid. "Serious. How much is it?"

"It's $3 dollars a dance."

"$3 dollars a dance?!" Then I thought about it. I paid 20 two nights ago. I guess three dollars ain't that bad. Now that I think about it.

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