Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bruce Lee is dynamite in the Dojo by Eddie Griffin

That Bruce Lee is a bad mo-fo. Five foot seven, 140 pounds -- dynamite. You understand me. That mo-fo in the movie walks in the dojo -- 300 mo-fo. Bruce walks in, and I love his walk. He had this walk... Oh he was a chigga, a Chinese iggy. That little mo-fo has some little chocolate in him.

"We can fight one at a time or all together."

If you sit in that dojo, you gotta ask yourself two questions. Either he got a bomb oh his ass or he is really a bad mo-fo. Neither one of them are good.

If I was in that set, I would be like, "hey, hey, hold up. They got black belt. My crap is orange. You're the teacher, teach. Now if you whoop his ass, then I will take your class."

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