Monday, June 1, 2015

Shia LaBeouf how he got Arrested in cabaret burlesque

How does one get arrested from a cabaret?

So I land in New York, coming back from Ireland, visiting my girl. And in Ireland, like you go to Rome, you have spaghetti. You know. When you go to Ireland, you drink whiskey. So I have been drinking a lot of whiskey in Ireland. I come back, and land, and it's the world cup. And you drink a lot of whiskey during the world cup. So I sitting at a bar. I'm drinking a lot of whiskey, and watching the world cup, South Korea vs Lithuania. I really cared at this point. I'm drunk enough to really care. So I'm all Lithuanian. And I go outside to have a cigarette, and there's this homeless man. I'm here with this homeless marine. And I start talking to him. Start to get into a conversation. And a woman runs up start taking pictures of me with her cellphone. And it trips him out. I can't really calm him down, so he starts running down the road after 30 minutes of conversation. So I start running after him. I'm trying to calm a homeless man in middle of time square. And he doesn't want anything to do with me. But I'm not giving up. I chase him for a while. He's gone.

I turn around to the bar to pay my bill. Then I see this dude come towards me. He says, "hey Shia, i'm a big fan. what are you doing tonight?" I'm like, "I'm looking to turn it up a bit. You know. I'm trying to have a good night here. Done with this Lithuanian thing. What's going on?" And he says, "Well, why don't you come to my show? we have cabaret." I was like, "Cabaret, yeah. I love cabaret. Cabaret is exactly what I want to do." so he gives me a ticket.

And the cabaret is a block away from my bar. Now the drink is starting to kick in. I'm good and drunk at this point. I make it into the theater. What i know of Broadway is this kind of setup. And this show, it had many tables.

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