Friday, February 19, 2016

Why NFL football teams should only Draft Players According to their Team Name by Greg Fitz Simmons

Football season is a little scandalous this year. A lot crazy stuff going on. Washington Redskin -- Should they able to call themselves the Redskins? I don't know. Yes? Some people say no? I think they should be able to. But, but, they can only draft actual Native Americans to play for the team. Think about that. That would be a bad ass football team. Just imagine 11 screaming Navato, coming down the field. And they would have the best defense in the league because they are not giving up any more territory.

That's right. But that's what it should be. Whatever your team says they are... That's what they have to be. If you are the San Francisco 49ers, your entire team should be forty niner year old men. That's it. Just in the huddle, complaining about hemaroid and bad backs, losing every sunday.

The team like the Vikings, real vikings -- horns coming out of their helmets. Come out and rap all the cheerleaders because they are vikings... Bucaneers would come out, with eye patch, and rap all the cheerleaders. Oakland Raiders... It would be a lot of rapping.

They should be what they say. Chicago Bears should come out with real bears with helmets on, playing against 11 dolphins... just dead on the field by halftime.

Why is it that Native Americans are upset about the Redskins? You don't hear African Americans complaining about the Cleveland Browns.

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