Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bending Abstract Ideas -- Comedy Material Workout

Adjectives are adjectives, describing something or someone. How can we make a statement, and deliver the message to the audience. We want the audience to say, "Oh snap! Really?! That bad, huh. Or That good, huh." If the person is lazy, how lazy is the person? If the place stinks, how much stinkiness is it? Any adjective that describes a person, place, or thing must have some kind of degree or level of exaggeration. How nice is the place? How mean is your spouse? How rough was the lawyer to you? How smart or dumb is your friend? How cheap is your parents? You get my point. Let your mind expand on the idea. As long as the concept is intact, within the comprehension, the abstract concept of the adjective, such as how lazy, how cheap, how stupid, etc, can standout, magnifying the point, which will probably, mostly highly, lead to laughter, or at least an "ah" moment.

Examples: How conservative my community?
My community was so conservative...
1. you had to have a prescription to buy a training bra.
2. in the drugstore, Reader's Digest was sold in a plain brown wrapper.
3. in the supermarket, breasts of chicken were labelled, "boobs of chicken."
4. in the display case, all the legs of lamb had to be crossed.
5. when a tourist went into the drugstore to buy condoms, he had to describe them to the pharmacist.

how polite was your date?
how mean was your spouse?
how rough was the nurse to you?
how poor was your family
how rough was your neighborhood?
how much did your coworker kiss up to your boss
how lazy was your friend?

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