Sunday, February 28, 2016

Back to the Future -- Comedy Material Workout

Today you see them as they are. It's a fact. Take the fact and use it to create another dimension of jokes. We accept today's premise as they are, leaving it as they are, and find your exaggeration somewhere in the future. Use your creativity to go beyond the limit, take it to the limit.

The future is yours to create. Open your imagination to any possibilities. Be inventive, be innovative, be creative, be wild with your imagination. Have fun creating a humorous future.

Traffic may eventually stop, everyone get out of their cars, pave over the whole mess, and start over again.
traffic may eventually get so bad that wealthy people will be born with a silver parking spot in their mouth.
Traffic is getting so congested. Today you have trouble finding a parking spot. Someday you may have trouble finding a moving spot.
Pretty soon you may not be able to pull onto a freeway until somebody dies and lets you have his place.

- today's generation gap
- the greenhouse theory; science says that the earth is getting warmer
- the pollution problem
- salaries of athletes
- the cost of housing
- the skimpiness of bathing suits
- poor workmanship
- adult language in films
- new technology
- sources of energy

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