Friday, September 18, 2015

Discipline in Arab versus United States Teacher Described by Egyptian Clock Comedian

Wow. I am really nervous up her on stage. That is not actually pronounce my name. It's actually Arabdomeabdee Mohamdfalal Shelaman Abduhlla Ali. Ok. Now we are all a little nervous. And that's ok. It's fine. It's ok. That's fine. We relax. It's ok. I'll make sure we'll have a blast. Geez, everyone is so nervous around Arabs. I think it's the way we convey tone. Car salesman in Frankenstein, for instance, may say, "This one here mate. I'm not going to lie to you. It's a bit of a bomb." Put him in place someone from a scummy third world middle eastern country say Colbert. "Oh, oh. This one here is a bomb. You will have a blast."

I have this insight because I'm Egyptian actually. This means I'm African. I'm Arab. And everyone thinks I'm Indian. I'm the most discriminated against group in Australia all rolled into one easy to establish in a train package.

A few months ago, a girl jumped out of the third floor of their high school building in Egypt because she feared what her teacher would do to her for not doing her homework. I don't know about you guys, but when I didn't do my homework my teacher would come up to me and go, "Colin, have you done your homework?"

"Oh Gawd, I haven't." I put out my hand. "Oh gawd, ah ah. She is going to cut it off."

Then she goes, "That's it Colin. I'm going to put your name on the board."


"Ah, smart. Are we? Well, I'm going to put a tick next to your name."

Can you imagine if my parents implemented the same discipline? If i went home one day to my mom, and I said something horrible like, "Mama, I just talked to a girl."

"Oh my gawd. Abdella abdulla althalative. Mahanda valvalageesh. Sleeplavine. Moohadlava. Ali. I'm going to put your name... on the board. Eh hah. And if she is pregnant, I'm going to put a tick, next to your name."

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