Thursday, May 21, 2015

KT Tatara is Asian Enough because he is Half Japanese and White

I did not have a lot of Asian friends growing up. Then I move out here in California. There's alot more Asians. There's a whole Asian thing going on out here. Sometimes they get mad at me for not being Asian enough. Like one time, I was at the mall, and I was trying to flirt with this Asian girl there. I was like, "Hey, yeah, what kind of Asian are you?"

Yup, Yup. That's how you do it.

And she goes, "uh, actually, I'm Chinese, Vietnamese, and Filipino."

I was like , "Whow, you got three parents?! Hell yah." You know. Just a silly joke, right? Well, she didn't get it.

She was like, "what? No, I have to dumb butt."

Like she was that hot. You know what I mean. She's like I-don't-get-jokes hot. Like everything. So i was like, "nah, no. I was making a joke.

Then this Asian dude comes over, "what's a problem, bro. what's the problem, bro. You messing with her? what's the problem, bro? Stop bothering her bro. What's the problem bro."

I just started laughing. Because look. Asian guy I'm sorry. It's like, you know. It's not threatening when Asian dudes are angry. It just looks like you just smelled a bad fart. "What's up bro? you got a problem bro? You bothering her bro?"

I was like, "what the. nah man. I just made a joke. She didn't get it. Be cool man. Look man. You Asian. I'm Asian. Why won't we be cool?"

"Puh, you think you Asian dawg? You ain't even asian man. Look at you all acting white. You ain't even Asian dawg. You are white wash. I bet you are one of those half breeds dawg. You just white wash. You think you asian? You ain't even asian dawg. You just acting white." I was like, "uhm... you sound black."

If we are going to play the stereo type game. What the hell is that. He calling me white wash, and he is working at the diesel store. I'm sure you dad is very proud that you are selling belts at the mall.

I'm not disowning my Asian self. I'm mix. I'm half white, and half Japanese. I'm a little bit of both. I want to learn about my Asian side, so I went to japan about a year and half ago. It was cool man. I really like to learn some stuff about japan. Going as an adult I had a different perspective. I figured out why they are so smart with all the technology and electronic stuff because they are good listeners. It's all it is. If you listen to the conversation, it doesn't matter what people are saying. They are always very focus. Like, "oooooooooo." It makes me feel good.

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