Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bobby Lee Best Animated Asian Comedian What Ethnicity Are You

Where's all the white people? I love white people so much. I am tired of the details about their ethnicity, nationality. I don't give a crap what you are. People that get into details, "I'm half German, quarter Irish, part Navajo Indian."

You are freaking white. Just say white.

Imagine a girl today, "I'm half Chinese, and half Mexican."

Then you're Filipino. Just say Filipino.

White people say racist stuff accidentally. That's gotta stop. I had this photo-shoot for this Harlem kumar movie. The photographer is white. He kept saying, "Bobby, can we get some expression in your eyes."

I'm like, "What the crap is this? There is only two thing it does open and close. This is happy, angry, and all that crap. Take the picture before I close them."

I just get nervous when race is brought up. I'm American citizen you know. I'm at a starbux. This really happened. This old man came up to me. He goes, "Are you Korean?"

I got scared. I was like, "yeahhh."

And he goes, "I fought in the Korean War."

What does he want me to say? Thank you? Cool? What came out of my mouth was, "Me too."

Then he got mad, "What!!!!!"

Then I start to improvise, "That's my name, Me Too."

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