Monday, August 18, 2014

Bill Cosby talks about the Lord and Noah Behind the Scene Conversation

I want to talk to you by a fellow name Noah who built an ark. Now everybody knows when I ask you a question what he does. They will say, "Well, he built an ark." But very few people know the actual conversation that went on between the Lord and Noah. You see. Noah was a carpenter, and he was in his rec room, sawing a way, making a few things for the home there. "woo-pah. woo-pah. woo-pah."


"woo-pah. woo-pah. woo-pah."


"Who is that?"

"It's the Lord, Noah."

"Right. Where are you? What do you want? I've been good."

"I want you to build an ark."

"Right. What's an ark?"

"Go out into the woods collect all the animals in the world by two and make the ark out of cubic, 80 cubic, 40 cubic, 30 cubic."

"Right. What's a cubic?"

"Let's see a cubic. I used to know what is a cubic. Well, don't worry about that. Just go out and collect all those animals by twos: male and female, and put them into the ark."

"Right. Who is this really? What's going on? How come you want me to do all these weird things."

"I'm going to destroy the world."

"Right. Am I on candid camera? How are you going to do it?"

"I'm going to make it rain for a thousand days, and drown them out."

"Right. Listen. You do this, and you'll save water. Let it rain for 40 days, and 40 nights, and wait for the sewers to back up."


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