Friday, January 31, 2014

George Bush and Waitress Asking for a Quickie

When George W. Bush was campaigning during an Ohio primary,
he and an assistant dropped into a small luncheonette.

"Oh, Mr. Bush," smiled the attractive waitress. "We're
so honored. Have anything on the menu on us. What would
you like?"

Bush studied the menu for a few moments and then said to
the waitress, "You know what I'd like, honey. I'd like a quickie."

The waitress slammed her pad on the table and said, "I
don't care if you are running for President, no one talks that
way to me." And she walked away.

"I don't know what she's so huffy about," said Bush. "It says
right here on the menu: quickie."

"Mr. Bush," said his assistant. "It's pronounced quiche."

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