Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hayes MacArthur dated a Russian Girlfriend
Hayes MacArthur - Booty Calls
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Anyone in here been in a long term relationship. By long term. I mean you're having sex same person twice a week with no comments. That's love, right? That's true love isn't? Where we can get to that stage?

I was in a long term relationship for a while. I was dating this Russian girl. Apparently, when Americans speak to people, where English is their second language, we have a tendency to be very condescending. We speak very slowly and condescendingly to them, right?

We used to get into fights all the time. I walk into the bathroom, and say, "Honey, you left the curling iron ON for 4 hours. That's hot. Tshhh. Tshhh. Cause fire."

She would say, "Don't talk to me like I'm idiot. You think cause I have blonde hair, big boobs, and an accent that makes me stupid."

I said, "No, I think because you have blonde hair, big boobs, and an accent that makes you tolerable."

So we broke up.

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