Tuesday, November 3, 2009

John Mulaney on Donald Trump's Plan to Strike It Rich

John Mulaney - Donald Trump
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It's tough to know what to do with your money these days. A few days ago, the Dow Jones dropped another 240 points. And I can't tell you how frustrating it is to not know what that means. It's embarrassing.

I did see an advertisement where you can learn to get rich from Donald Trump. He would teach you how to get rich. He would know. He is a rich man. He is not just a rich man. Donald Trump is what a Hobo imagines what a rich man to be. He was walking in the ally one day, and heard this.

Hobo - "Oh boy oh boy, as soon as my numbers come in, I am going to put tall buildings with my name on em. I'll have fine, golden hair, and a tv show where I fire people with my children."

Donald Trump was like, "That is how I'm going to live my life. Thank you hobo for the life plan."

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