Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bobby Lee talks about Korean and Asian Life

I grow my hair like this. I just want to get this out of the way. Asian people look alike, and I want to look a little different. But asian people don't know I'm asian now. They walk up to me like, "what the heck are you?! Let me take picture. It's an Ewok!"

I'm posing.

I think the worst thing about being asian american in this country is when people guess my nationality. I hate that. I'm Korean. I'll tell you, but don't guess.

I was at the party once, and this blonde walks up to, "are you like chinese? are you like chinese?"

And I said no, "are you like brunette? Get out of here."

And stupid guesses too, "Hey man are you so.."

And white people are the worst cause when they guess my nationality correctly. It's like they won a game show. "Hey man are you Korean?"

"yes I am."

"i knew it. i knew it!!!"

"what the hell? you want some money?"

You gotta be proud of you are folks.

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