Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eddie Izzard on Computers, Macs, and iTunes

Very sexy computer, Apple Macintosh Computers. In the old days, porn would take forever to download. You remember that. Friends tell me. Friends who can spell porn.

But now a days. Would you like a software update. Yeah. Yeah. I have one of those. It's like a late thing.

Time becomes a weird thing. 7 minutes to download. 5 minutes to download. 2 minutes to download. Then 9 minutes to download. 7 hours to download. light year to download.

Then it starts asking you question. Will you sign a new agreement with itunes. I sign many agreements with itune. I don't know what they want from any more. Surely they know i agree with them. I'm there. Why do they keep checking? Like I am going away. No I no longer agree. We all agree.

Then they makes us liars. You said you read the terms and condition. No one read the terms and condition. Even the lawyers.

Then you have to reboot thing. Everybody out of the car. Then everybody back in the car.