Thursday, September 9, 2010

Whitney Cummings obsessed with Twilight Romance
Whitney Cummings - Obsessed With "Twilight"
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I think all that stuff: marriage and babies. Women, we are obsessed with romance. We are brainwashed by romantic movies. I recently saw these movies called Twilight. They are so romantic. Vampires in madly in love with this girl. I came out of the movie. I was like, "I have to marry a vampire!" It make us obsessed. Do not let your girlfriend watch this movie. She will leave your ass.

Boyfriend - "Baby what's wrong."
Girlfriend - "I don't know honey. I want to date somebody who can fly."

I just want to date a vampire. It would be totally bad ass.
Don't make me go to the GNC and get some garlic. I'm thinking about putting the sunroof down.

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