Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Adam Sandler is intimidated by Pretty Girls

Adam Sandler - Girlfriends
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I like looking at the pretty girls, but I don't like to talk to them. They get me nervous. I get intimidated.

My friend came up to me, and says, "Look at her she is beautiful. Go ask her out. What the worst thing that can happen? She says no."

So i go over, and ask her out. She says, "Get away from me you loser."

I was like, "I think you broke the rules there."

I can't break off with a pretty girl. Every time I look in her eyes, and I can't finish it up. I am like, "The things are kind of weird, and we are too young. What I am saying is 'do you want to get married?' So what do you say?"


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